Enklu considers people first and doesn’t put the technology on a pedestal. We get close to clients, understand their challenges and provide solutions which demonstrate real value.

We remove friction at every step and empower creators directly.

We simplify and remove bottlenecks.

We bring your ideas into the new reality.


The Challenge: Conveying a powerful and complex technology like 5G.

The Solution:  Build and deploy a showcase of the future of the 5G to both wow and inform event guests.

The Results:  Thousands of guests lined up and experienced the power of 5G with the Microsoft HoloLens.


The Challenge: Bringing AR to a world-renowned immersive experience.

The Solution: Creating a solid operations plan that is scalable using the Enklu platform. Easily adaptable with new features and artworks.

The ResultsAn experience that will blow. your. mind. 


611e93a5eef63f7197c6b73a_Screen Shot 2021-08-19 at 1.23.18 PM.png

The Challenge: Create immersive training experiences

The Solution:  A three-phase development plan to educate learners, empower managers and bring a new level to learning in XR

The Results: Enjoyable learning that brings an edge like no other




The Challenge: Immersive guests of all ages in an adventure through gardens of wonder

The Solution: Creating a turn-key, licensable, operation

The Result: A great time for licensees, an even greater time for their  guests.

Unreal Garden - In the Garden -UNR_6885.jpg

Ray Kallmeyer,
Director - The Unreal Garden

What we accomplished simply wouldn't have been possible without Enklu.

I can't imagine a future where I don't build incredible new worlds with Enklu which help reach the hearts and minds of audiences all around the world.

Enklu’s efficiency and application is like oh shit, let’s rock on this thing

Jim Ward,
Co-CEO - Meow Wolf


Jeff Kim,
Asst. Professor - Auburn University


This is easy - a good AR experience doesn't need to involve weeks and months coding.

We've been fortunate to work with Enklu on two projects.

“It was a pleasure working with Enklu in creating The Unreal Garden @ E3 which more than 7000 attendees were able to enjoy”

Dan Hewitt, VP of Comm, ESA

"People eagerly lined up all night for the Enklu experience and it was a uniquely perfect addition to our event!”

Richie Lipton, Logistics, California Academy of Sciences

“I am very impressed with the Enklu Cloud web editor, a great opportunity for JS developers for HoloLens and Kinect”

Aysegul Yonet, Senior Cloud Developer Advocate, Microsoft