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The Unreal Garden Opens to the Public

The Unreal Garden, a new mixed reality immersive art exhibit in San Francisco, is now open to the public. Onedome, an immersive mixed media corporation, partnered with Enklu to produce and create the first ever large scale immersive augmented reality art gallery. Complete with otherworldy plants, massive trees with hanging vines, and unique and beautiful creatures, the Unreal Garden features the fantastical works of nine celebrated artists from all around the world - including our own Ray Kallmeyer!

We are pleased to say that this exhibit represents the dedicated work of everyone at Enklu. Our engineers worked tirelessly to create and deploy an experience that truly pushes the limits of what is possible in augmented reality. Our developers worked with the featured artists for months in a creative back and forth to seamlessly bring their art into AR. As the medium and genre of the pieces are varied, we were presented with new challenges that allowed us to flex our creative muscles to think of new and creative solutions. The final product represents the intersection of the finest minds in both creativity and technology, and is a captivating experience for both first time AR users and veterans in the tech sphere.

We invite those curious about Enklu and what we do to visit and experience The Unreal Garden. As our flagship location, it is a great example of what we can achieve in AR. Guests can expect to be awed by the beauty and scale of the exhibit, and will be welcomed into the space by the amazing customer experience team. This type of experience can be deployed by Enklu at any venue or location - if you are curious about what it would take to create and curate an immersive AR experience, please contact us!

About Enklu

Enklu was founded in 2016 by games industry and web veterans who set out to prove that augmented reality content could express the best in quality, accessibility, and engagement. Our mission is to empower storytellers to blur the lines between physical and digital reality with effective, intuitive technology. We provide venues with a "just works" solution for deploying and operating compelling first person narratives in AR headsets with stunning visuals and captivating interactivity. We created the first wave of immersive AR experiences for brands like Mercedes-Benz, and we recently launched our flagship installation "The Unreal Garden" in partnership with Onedome in the heart of San Francisco. We are ready to expand to new venues in 2019.


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