• Ganga Baird

Feature Exploration: Drawing API

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

We recently added a new feature to Enklu's repertoire - the drawing API. The drawing API is used to draw primitives, including everything from a simple line to impressive constructions such as this geosphere (made by our CTO Benjamin Jordan).

"A few years ago I found an interesting construction of a sphere called a "geosphere". These are quite different from the way Unity makes spheres because they are optimal in many ways. They have no wasted geometry because each face is an equilateral triangle. They are built from taking an icosahedron, adding verts at midpoints, then normalizing the vector (keeping the sphere shape). This can be repeated to increase the resolution of the sphere."

Ben continued to experiment, and came up with a three dimensional immersion of a four dimensional Klein bottle. The Klein bottle is a a mind bending shape which takes on an even more intense form when put into three dimensions.

Using different colored lines along with rotations and expansions creates a visually stimulating light show - and this was made in a short time using relatively simple math!

Using math and creativity to draw complex geometrical shapes is right in our wheelhouse - smack in the middle of tech/engineering and art! If you are interested in learning how to use the drawing API to start constructing your own shapes, check out the instructions on our Enklu documents page, and please share any cool inventions or discoveries with our community!

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