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Feature Announcement: Mamba (Kinect/IoT Integration)

Updated: May 17, 2019

Ever wondered what you would look like with a pair of flaming wings? Yeah, me too. I think that we all have at one point or another - it just seems natural to combine our desire to fly with our fascination with fire. I am more than pleased to tell you that, with Enklu, you can stop wondering and start flying (and potentially setting things on fire).

James showing off his fancy glowing fire wings. (Yes, we are all jealous James)

How did James acquire these impressive, glowing appendages? It's simple! Enklu now supports Kinect integration using our shiny and new open source controller named Mamba! Mamba works with a computer plugged into a Kinect to pipe skeletal data into the Enklu cloud, allowing us to use the Kinect to track people in an Enklu experience, essentially making anybody in a given room a living, breathing element in the scene.

Testing Mamba for the first time - the cubes are James, Ben, and Federico moving around our office!

Pretty cool, right? The possibilities are exciting to say the least. The ability to track a human's skeletal data in our scenes opens up the doors to so many amazing ideas and concepts, with more possibilities for higher levels of interactivity and engagement. Want to play catch with a glowing ball of crackling energy? You can do that! Want to customize your AR costume with a fancy hat and colorful aura? Done!

Mamba also opens the door to other aspects of IoT integration. James has been working on a few side projects and has come up with some really interesting prototypes. Check out this touch activation point that makes a glowing orb appear in AR!

This is where it starts to get fun - when YOU - our creative users and developers - put your heads together and start making magic happen with our platform and its features. We encourage anyone who is interested in what we are doing to jump in and start testing new ideas and come up with something truly amazing. If this post gets you excited, or you are interested in AR, take a look at this help document for an overview of how to set up Mamba with a Kinect to start working on your own projects! Mamba is also open sourced, so please check us out on GitHub and join us on this journey of AR discovery!

James is a man of many side projects. This one was just too much fun for me not to include in this post! He decided that it would be cool to make a Kinect punching controller specifically for the Overwatch character Doomfist. A gif is worth a thousand words, so I'll just let this one speak for me.


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