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Feature Announcement: First Person Video Capture

Updated: Mar 30, 2019

We live in an age of shareability. From the mundane to the magnificent, sharing moments in our lives with our various communities spanning over vast social networks is an important facet of modern society. It was only logical that we provide an avenue for the people that experience the magic of augmented reality to be able to share that experience with their friends. So, we are pleased to announce the introduction of first person video capture to our platform!

Video capture has been something we have wanted to integrate for a long time. When someone asks me to explain augmented reality, or what The Unreal Garden is, or how the platform works, I can explain things well enough - but to really understand it, it must be seen. The natural desire to show something you think is cool, or beautiful, or interesting, is one that we tap into throughout all of our experiences. When designing the Garden, we wanted to include so much in the experience that it was easy to miss things. The reason for this is to increase the social dynamic of augmented reality. When one person in a group activates something they think is interesting, they call over their friends and show it to them as well. First person video capture is a natural extension of this desire!

Integrating it into the garden was our first challenge. James, one of our devs, set up the back end processes needed to upload videos from a HoloLens to our server, Trellis. Ben, our CTO, built the framework for people to be able to easily access and send themselves videos that they took. As a test run, we hid a secret mushroom in the garden that when touched, would trigger a 10 second video to record. All of our processes worked! Videos started to trickle in - but they definitely were not "sharing" quality. Our next challenge was navigating through the human element. To get high quality videos through the lens, the user has to move slowly and keep their head quite still. We had to figure out a way to inform and instruct people how to take quality videos in the experience while maintaining our narrative. In the next iteration, James set up a full tutorial for how and when to take video captures, and blended it into the experience and narrative perfectly. As you can see, the results have been amazing!

James succinctly states the importance of this feature. "First person videos let users take home special memories. Whether they capture their friends and family interacting with the experience, or a unique easter egg only they got to see - they can leave with something cool to look back on and share." This fact becomes more and more evident with every video we see being shared.

And, as with all games, there is the occasional person who just wants to run around and punch stuff.

We invite you to come and get creative with your experience. Tap into that same videographer persona that you use when taking videos of your friends, or of a concert, or of a beautiful scene on a hike, and capture and share your experience with AR and The Unreal Garden!

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