Drag and Drop Editor

​Edit reality live and create experiences with no-coding required! Author content and animations with our drag and drop editor and standard library. Customize interactions in real-time with VINEML and Javascript!

Live Editing

Cut development costs by 100 by skipping app rebuilds and app store submissions! Edit and distribute apps and content in real-time with collaborators and end users all around the world!

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Automated Asset Pipeline

Optimize and interactive content and high fidelity animations by directly importing industry-standard file formats to the HoloLens 2, iOS, Android, Oculus devices.

External Services • LUIS • Azure Kinect





Server Stack

External Services



• Azure Kinect

Asset Formats


.obj, .fbx, .prefab, .bmp, .gif, .jpg, .png, .psd, .tiff, .mp3, .ogg, .wav, .aiff



• Scope AR

Azure Spatial Anchors

• Spatial AR

• Dynamics 365

• Microsoft Azure

• Amazon AWS

• Git

• Docker

• NodeJS

•.Net Core



•Spatial Anchors, Hand Tracking, ETC

• MSTK Low-level Libraries

• Microsoft Speech SDK

Client Stack

Enklu Cloud

• Java Script

• VineML

Extendable User Interface

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Space Management

Scan real world environments in seconds and place holograms which persist where you want them. Share spaces with online collaborators and create for remote locations.

Secure Architecture

TBD - On Prem, Cloud or Cached Installs. No Internet connection required. Yada Yada.

First Person Video & Remote Assistance

Scale deployments with remote assistance from users around the world with our well-tested multi-user server architecture designed specifically for head mounted displays (HMDs), mobile AR devices, laptops and PCs, and virtual reality headsets.

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Deliver step-by-step instructions, answer questions for users, and keep users on track if they have lost their way during an experience.

Spatial Artificial Intelligence



Embed enklu directly within your existing Unity projects.

TBD - On Prem, Cloud or Cached Installs. No Internet connection required. Yada Yada.


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LUIS - Speech Recognition

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