Are you ready to create the metaverse?

When historians look back to the dawn of the information age, they'll point to a handful of turning points... When were we first able to share ideas across great distances? Bring rich media with us where ever we go? Or now, when did we start to connect with anyone in the blink of an eye?

And yet, as powerful as these innovations are, people have been learning, working, and playing inside a box -- or screen -- for over a generation! Now, for the first time, you can free your mind and work at the speed of thought.

With spatial visualization, we can now share ideas instantly. 3D creation can now be iterated as quickly as new ideas come from our imaginations. Mixed reality visualizations are the next step in the human evolution of understanding. We learn concepts 30% faster when we can see something from multiple angles. We retain information better when its linked to a real-world environment as we can engage and interact with our hands!

Doctors, professors, and technicians have something in common: expertise. You understand your field better than anyone else, though how can you communicate that to others? If you want to communicate most effectively, you'll need intuitive and powerful tools to make the best use of your limited time, while being easily received by others.

Enklu can help you:

  • Learn the basics of creating 3D visualizations that you can share with your customers, patients, or employees within 10 minutes!

  • Upload and transfer files from your work station to devices like the Oculus Quest. HoloLens, or your mobile phone.

  • Convert and render high fidelity 3D formats like DICOM, STL, OBJ, FBX, GLTF.

  • Share and manage your spatial applications with users in the field.

  • Add voice commands, gaze interactions, hand controls, and rich user interfaces which engage your users.


The clarity of spatial visualization is invaluable for you to connect with your audience. Connection in a way that provides unparalleled comprehension and engagement.